iCOPa provides a proxy to COPaKB server on mobile devices (iPad and iPad mini). This is the first portable bioinformatics program of proteomics biology that you can carry in your pocket. With the support of either WIFI or cellular network, knowledge of cardiac proteome biology is readily accessible wherever you are.


This app can be obtained for free (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/icopa/id568723410?mt=8v at the iTunes store.

Using the following interface, you can start analyzing a proteomic dataset by setting the appropriate parameters.


Here is an overview of the analysis and the results.


You can select a protein to review its proteomic, genetic, and biomedical properties.


The subcelluar distribution of human proteins (green) is illustrated with immunofluorescence images (Note: data are acquired from HPA). With the pinch action of your fingers, an image can be zoomed in to present in more detail.


The expression pattern of proteins (brown) in cardiact cells can be viewed with immunohistochemical image. Similarly, you can zoom-in to display the image in greater detail.


Human gene expression data and genetic phenotypes from OMIM and Gene Expression Atlas database can be found for the selected protein of interest.


A keyword search is a tool to direct you toward finding the proteomic properties of your interest. Enter a keyword or phrase to see what related searches you can find.