COPaKB Tools

Several software tools have been developed to assist with your investigation of cardiac proteome biology on your desktop or mobile devices at work, home and on the go. This software has been packaged into the following easy-to-use programs.

COPaKB Client integrates a set of bioinformatic tools to help you manage and review proteomic analyses on your computer (PC, Mac or Linux; 32-bit or 64-bit). This program is tailored to process a large batch of raw data files. The query result provides an integrated report of the proteomic and genomic signatures, imaging datasets and biomedical attributes.

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iCOPa is the first App for proteome biology available on iPad (iOS 5.1 or later). It is a mobile gateway to cardiac proteome knowledge; it brings uninterrupted access to COPaKB to your fingertips via WIFI and cellular networks.

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