COPaKB Help Desk

Cardiac Organellar Protein Atlas Knowledgebase (COPaKB) FAQs

  • What is COPaKB? What are its functions?
  • Why do I need a resource like COPaKB?
  • What are the workflows that I can use in my research (workflow examples)?

Q: What is COPaKB? What are its functions?

A: COPaKB is a bioinformatics platform of proteome biology developed exclusively for cardiovascular investigators and clinicians. Here are just two of the many ways you can utilize this platform:

  • Using the Keyword Search engine, you can get an integrated knowledge of cardiac proteins of your interest from multi-disciplinary biomedical datasets.
  • You can perform data analysis by using your raw data as a query to COPaKB.

You can conveniently access these tools via web (HTML), webservice (RESTful) or mobile device. For more information on the functions and utilities of COPaKB, please click here.

Please feel free to contact us at We warmly welcome your comments, questions, or discussion for opportunities to collaborate.

Q: What are the workflows that I can use in my research (workflow examples)?

A: COPaKB offers several workflows to meet the needs of your analyses. A summary of a few scenarios is listed below.

i. You can analyze a large batch of raw proteomic data files using the COPaKB Client program. A step-by-step illustration of its application is available here.

ii. You can choose to analyze a single raw data file directly at the COPaKB website. You can access this utility here.

iii. When you are away from your desk, uninterrupted access to COPaKB remains available via your mobile devices. Detailed instructions for this application can be accessed from here.

iv. You can choose to share the result of your analyses with colleagues; simply provide them with correct combination of task ID's and email(s) associated with your analyses. This utility can be accessed by clicking here.

v. You can integrate results of your analyses with those of your collaborators by entering the corresponding task ID's.