Would you like to share your datasets with the cardiovascular community via COPaKB?

We welcome you to share your datasets and explore them with our bioinformatics tools. With your consent, your raw mass spectral data will be analyzed with dedicated software packages (ProLuCID and DTASelect). The analysis results will be incorporated into the existing knowledgebase with the acknowledgement of your contributions. We can also highlight your publication(s) on the COPaKB website. We are committed to advocate your science. Please email us at info@heartproteome.org to coordinate this collaborative effort. Thank you for joining us in this knowledge-building process.

Specific Instructions

  • If your dataset is already deposited at ProteomeXchange, please email us your “dataset ID".
  • If your dataset is currently hosted in PeptideAtlas, please email us the corresponding “accession” identifier.
  • If your dataset is on your own ftp server, please email us the URL address.
  • If your dataset has yet to be in public domain, we can provide you with access to the submission portal that we have developed.