Analytical Tools

  • ProTurn
  • ProTurn is a custom proteomics application written to facilitate the analysis of deuterium oxide (heavy water) labeling mass spectrometry data.

  • BD2KPubMed
  • BD2KPubMed is a software tool that employs publicly available data to analyze scientific trends and research directions in a particular field of interest. The software collects metadata associated with individual articles from a custom query of the NCBI PubMed database, then ranks proteins by their occurrences in the referenced articles. The data are then summarized for visualization and trend analysis and quantify the impact of a particular protein to a research topic. Potential applications include gathering information to prioritize in-depth gene annotation and mass spectrometry assay development.

  • PubPular
  • PubPular returns popular and pertinent proteins for a given topic or disease.